Percutaneous Ampulla Sphincterplasty

Please note this question was answered in 2014. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


Would you report codes 47511, 47500, 47555, 47999 (balloon sweep), 75982, 74363, and 74320 for the following case? "An 8 French sheath was placed into the common bile duct and a cholangiogram performed. A 5 French KMP catheter was then advanced over the wire and negotiated into the small bowel. The Glidewire was exchanged for a 0.035" Lunderquist wire. The catheter was removed over the wire, and a 10 mm x 4 cm Conquest balloon was advanced to the ampulla and sphincteroplasty performed to 8 ATM. Next, the Conquest balloon was exchanged for a 7 French Fogarty. The common bile stone was then swept into the bowel. A post cholangiogram was performed. The sheath was then exchanged for an 8 French internal external biliary drainage stent, which was secured to the skin and attached to external gravity drainage bag."

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