Aptus Endoanchors

Please note this question was answered in 2014. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


Is code 34845 the only code needed for extensions done? Do we bill unlisted for the anchors or include? From the report: "I placed an 8 x 5 Viabahn covered stent. This was placed into the SMA, making sure not to cover the bypass or any proximal main branches, and from the left side over the Lunderquist wire we placed a 31 x 14 x 13 Gore excluder C3. We continued deployment of the main body. Over the Lunderquist wire we placed a 23 x 14 limb on the right and placed a 20 x12 extension piece and the left iliac. We post-dilated using a q. 50 balloon. We performed a lateral angiogram, which unfortunately revealed a small type I endoleak seen along the posterior margin, which was not evident on the AP view. Given this finding and the large proximal neck with quick reversed tapering, we decided to place, and this tapers for better fixation particularly in the setting of the patient has had previous slippage of the graft. Two Aptus Endoanchors were placed posterolaterally, each 45 degrees off midline, but in the opposite direction of the snorkel."

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