Renal Hilar Mass 50200 vs. 10022

Please note this question was answered in 2014. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


Can you tell me what code you would use for an FNA of a mass in the hilum of the right kidney? When I look at code 50390, it states it is used for cysts or urine in renal pelvis. Here is a portion of the report to help clarify. "Indications: An 81 year old female with history of infiltrating mass in the right kidney suspicious for malignancy probably transitional cell carcinoma, however, could also represent lymphoma. Under CT guidance, a 19 gauge guiding needle was advanced into the periphery of the right kidney. Through this access, a 22 gauge Chiba needle was utilized to fine needle aspirate the hilar mass. Three separate fine needle aspirations were performed, and the samples were sent to pathology. The needle was removed, and a sterile dressing was applied. Path report: Bloody material containing discohesive atypical cells and a few cytologically bland glandular appearing cells."

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