Attempted Upgrade Dual Chamber ICD to Biventricular ICD

Please note this question was answered in 2014. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


"MD Summary Conclusion: Unsuccessful attempt to 'upgrade' a dual chamber defibrillator to a biventricular defibrillator due to unsuitable venous anatomy. The left ventricular lead could not be passed beyond two of four electrodes in any given vein branch. Three separate vein branches were cannulated during these attempts. Three hours and thirty-six minutes were spent attempting to place left ventricular lead before upgrade procedure was aborted." If I code for successful procedure, it would only be a venogram (36005), which we don't typically bill. If I code for attempted left ventricular lead insertion (33225-74), it will edit due to add-on code without primary. I was considering using code 33224-74 because it most captures this situation. What would you recommend?

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