Attempted TIPS Revision via Combined Transhepatic and Transjugular Routes

Please note this question was answered in 2014. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


How would you code for this thrombosed TIPS stent? "The RUQ was prepped, and under fluoroscopic guidance an 18 gauge Hawkins needle was used to access the proximal aspect of the Viatorr stent. A guidewire was successfully advanced into the right atrium. Then a gooseneck snare was advanced, via a previously placed left neck sheath, and used to capture the end of the wire. The wire was pulled through the vascular sheath and into the TIPS over the wire. A second wire and a catheter were inserted through the sheath into the Viatorr stent. The sheath was successfully advanced after the transhepatic Glidewire was removed, and it was advanced into the peripheral aspect of the Viatorr stent; however, multiple attempts that were made to recannulate the bare metal stent were unsuccessful. Procedure was aborted."

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