Drainage Pseudoanerysm During AV Graft Stenting

Please note this question was answered in 2014. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


Would you code separately for drainage of the pseudoaneurysm during the following AV graft stenting case? Would you use code 10030? "Through the existing sheath an 8 mm x 10 cm Viabahn covered stent was subsequently deployed with post-deployment venogram revealing excellent exclusion of aforementioned pseudoaneurysm. Under fluoroscopic guidance a percutaneous angiocatheter was introduced into the pseudoaneurysm sac at a separate site in the pseudoaneurysm and was drained after exclusion. Antegrade access was then acquired, being careful to avoid the recently placed stent. A 9 French sheath was introduced over wire and a 9 mm x 5 cm via bond stent was deployed at the cephalic origin into the innominate. Post deployment venography reveals exclusion of the primary collaterals and no significant intrusion centrally. Balloon angioplasty was subsequently performed with an 8 mm balloon within and adjacent to the more central stent."

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