75716, 75625, 75630

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I need your perspective on this one. At conclusion of study the provider mentions that the patient will need an aorto-bi-femoral bypass. "Operative Synopsis: Pigtail catheter placed first at renal artery and then pushed down to distal abdominal aorta. Then after completing peripheral angiogram, cardiac catheterization was decided." The provider mentions findings for abdominal aorta, common/internal/external iliacs, and bilateral SFAs. Report states that they were "unable to visualize clearly the below-knee vessels due to slow flow". I'm thinking this needs to be reported code 75625 only. My rationale is that the statement of slow flow to see below-knee vessels is not acceptable to also capture code 75716. I did not go with code 75630, as the catheter is not in one spot. With conclusion of statement that patient needs bypass, is this study then considered screening (G0278)?

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