Ablation not completed

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Can you let me know if 93654-52 is the correct way to code this report? "Mapping and ablation of PVC/VT frequent PVC was seen at baseline. 3D mapping in the the RVOT area showed earlier activation in the high septal sit but only had 10-15 ms before the onset of QRS. Ablation at this sirte was not effective. Mapping was then performed in the the LVOT area using retrograde approach. The early site was mapped to the aortic valve area, next to RVOT early site. But the activation time was 10-15 ms before the onset of QRS, suspected on the epicardial site. This sit is also close to the LAD, ablation was not performed. It was determined to treat with bb. Summary: The results of the EP study showed that patient had LVOT PVC near the aortic cup and likely on the epicardial side. It will treated by bb."

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