Sinogram of PD Catheter

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


We are struggling to get a CPT code for this procedure. Our surgeon performed this in the OR, not in IR, thus the two CPT codes we are getting (78291/49427) are not appropriate with a 360 Revenue Code. We need to validate we are reporting the right CPT code. The procedure note reads: "The procedure began by making a fluoroscopic evaluation with injection of contrast into the PD catheter. This had free flow without difficulty. There was a slight bend in the AP view that could have been kinking. Medial lateral oblique images demonstrate curve not kink. Free flow contrast flowed into the abdomen and pooled into the pelvis. I then aspirated 22 cc of the 30 cc I injected back out easily without difficulty. We then hooked up the gravity dialysate bag and she easily tolerated free flow dialysate intraperitoneal followed by free flow out without difficulty. Catheter appeared to be working well."

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