Remote access angioplasty peripheral and central segment

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


"There was a web-like 99% stenosis of the inflow from the arterial side. There was also outflow stenosis. I proceeded with an angiogram with access from the right common femoral artery. A 5 French sheath was placed in the right common femoral artery after access via the Seldinger technique, and then a catheter was placed into the innominate and then into the subclavian artery. A 5 French sheath was placed into the brachial artery over a wire. Wire was advanced into the central venous system. Angioplasty was performed of the brachial artery junction with the fistula with a 5 mm x 4 cm balloon and a 6 mm x 4 cm balloon. Next, an angioplasty was performed of the outflow anastomosis with a 6 mm x 4 cm balloon. Central venous stenosis angioplasty with 6 mm x 4 cm and 7 mm x 4 cm balloons." Would you suggest 36902-52, 36215, 37248, and 36012? Or just 36902 and 36907? 

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