Selective Angio 75716 appose to 75774 How would this be coded?

May 18, 2017


How is this coded correct? I am confused by the word "selective". Code 75774 is an add-on code, so would I just report code 75716 in this case? I do not see 75630 or 75625 documented either. Please advise. "Local anesthetic was administered and access obtained to the left common femoral artery via the modified Seldinger technique. A short 6 French sheath was inserted into the left common femoral artery, and selective angiography was performed. Using a RIM catheter, an angled Glidewire was positioned in the contralateral SFA, and the RIM was then exchanged for a Glide catheter. Selective angiography was performed in the contralateral SFA (3rd order angiogram with angiography of the trifurcation). Right peripheral runoff was also performed. Angiographic findings as above."

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