Modifier -52 vs. -74

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


In your 2017 Interventional Radiology Coding Reference, you stated: "In 2017, the S&I code (75791) is deleted, so when imaging of the dialysis circuit is performed from a remote access (not via direct access of the circuit), use code 36901-52 (or -74 for hospital billing) as well as the remote arterial access catheter placement code (e.g., 36217 for right brachial artery injection of fistula when access is via the common femoral artery). When imaging is performed via pre-existing shunt access, only report code 36901-52 (or -74 for hospital billing)." My question is, why change the modifier for the hospital when both modifiers are valid for hospital use?

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