36831 and 36907

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


"Micropuncture technique was used to cannulate the fistula above the antecubital level. Fistulogram was performed, which showed a patent fistula of the cephalic arch where there were two tandem stenoses. The one at the very top of the cephalic vein was nearly occlusive. There was a second approximately 80% stenosis a few centimeters peripheral to this. The micropuncture was exchanged for a 7 French sheath. A 0.035 guidewire was advanced easily through both stenoses and into the central veins. Adorado balloon was then across more central of the two stenoses and inflated. The balloon fully inflated at 18 atmospheres. The second stenosis was then addressed and the balloon fully inflated. Fistulogram showed no residual stenosis. Partial central venogram was performed through the innominate level, which showed no stenosis. Fistula was clamped and was entered through third incision right between venous and arterial cannulation site. Kelly clamp was used to milk out thrombosis. The fistulotomy was closed and flow restored. Cannulation site was closed." Should this be reported with codes 36831 and 36907? If not, what codes are appropriate?

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