tunneled cvc with port insertion using same pocket

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


Can I charge for a removal and an insertion on the following dictation?? Do I need a modifier for the use of existing pocket? "A single incision was made over the reservoir with a 15 blade. The port was removed in its entirety. The pocket was flushed thoroughly. No drainage was noted from the pocket. Under ultrasound guidance, access into the left internal jugular vein was obtained using a 5 French micropuncture system. A permanent sonographic image of the vein was obtained to document patency. An Amplatz wire was then advanced into the inferior vena cava under fluoroscopic guidance with the utilization of a Kumpe catheter. A tunneling device was utilized to bring the catheter from the port site utilizing existing pocket to the jugular vein. CONCLUSION: Successful placement of left internal jugular Bard single lumen PowerPort catheter and removal of left subclavian Infuse-a-Port."

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