Does seperate incision allow 36833 and 36902?

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


For the following, is it appropriate to report codes 36833 and 36902? "Using #4 Fogarty catheter, outflow thrombectomized, flushed, clamped. Then, the arterial plug was removed using again the Fogarty catheter. Graftotomy repaired with interrupted sutures. Upon restoration of the flow, patient had pulsatile flow within the graft. Graft was cannulated through separate skin incision using entry needle. It was upsized to 7-French sheath and a fistulogram was performed, which revealed patent graft. There was high-grade stenosis in the venous anastomosis. Subclavian, axillary vein, brachiocephalic vein was widely patent all the way to the right atrium. Glidewire was introduced, parked in the right atrium and high-grade stenosis within in-stent was angioplastied using 8 x 200 angioplasty balloon catheter. During inflation of balloon, contrast was refluxed in the arterial system, which revealed absence of any hemodynamically significant stenosis of arterial anastomosis. Balloon was deflated and another fistulogram was performed, which revealed excellent flow through the angioplastied area." 

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