Provider billing 93531, 36299, 93565, 92997 & 92998 is this accurate?

Please note this question was answered in 2017. The coding advice may or may not be outdated.


"TAPVR patient, catheter through left jugular vein into innominate vein, angiogram performed, catheter advanced to left lower pulmonary vein & angiogram performed. Catheter withdrawn into left pulmonary venous confluence & angiogram performed. Catheter exchanged for mini-trek balloon & advanced into left pulmonary confluence & inflated two times. Balloon exchanged for larger balloon & inflated two times. NTAG reinserted & advanced to left pulmonary confluence, pressure measurements recorded in LPV & LA. An attempt to advance NTGA was unsuccessful. Catheter exchanged to 4 French Cobra & advanced into RUPV and angiograms performed. Cobra exchanged for Mini-Trek balloon & advanced to right pulmonary confluence and inflated, balloon removed. Cobra cath reinserted & pressures obtained in RLPV & LA." I'm at a loss, as I don't see any documentation for the codes the provider wants to bill. Please help.

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