Provider billing 93531, 36299, 93565, 92997 & 92998 is this accurate?

June 12, 2017


"TAPVR patient, catheter through left jugular vein into innominate vein, angiogram performed, catheter advanced to left lower pulmonary vein & angiogram performed. Catheter withdrawn into left pulmonary venous confluence & angiogram performed. Catheter exchanged for mini-trek balloon & advanced into left pulmonary confluence & inflated two times. Balloon exchanged for larger balloon & inflated two times. NTAG reinserted & advanced to left pulmonary confluence, pressure measurements recorded in LPV & LA. An attempt to advance NTGA was unsuccessful. Catheter exchanged to 4 French Cobra & advanced into RUPV and angiograms performed. Cobra exchanged for Mini-Trek balloon & advanced to right pulmonary confluence and inflated, balloon removed. Cobra cath reinserted & pressures obtained in RLPV & LA." I'm at a loss, as I don't see any documentation for the codes the provider wants to bill. Please help.

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