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Why is there an AMA Royalty added to my order?
How can I pay for ZHealth Publishing online medical coding products?

Consulting Services

Does ZHealth Publishing provide medical coding consulting and auditing services directly?
What benefit is there to having an audit performed when we can just ask our questions on the ZHealth Publishing website?
Do the physicians actually come on-site to do the audit?
Do you offer services for other specialties, such as endoscopy, ambulatory surgery, etc.?
We are going to start doing peripheral studies in our catheterization lab and would like some help setting up our chargemaster. Do you do that?
We occasionally have a difficult case that we would like assistance with coding. Do you have a service where we can send in individual cases?
We have a large group of individuals who need education, but we can’t send them all to one of your quarterly seminars. Are there any other options for group training?
How much do your consulting/auditing services cost?


Why would I order an eBook versus a hardcopy book?
Is there any difference between the content in the eBook versus the hardcopy version?
Can I buy both the eBook and hardcopy versions of any ZHealth Publishing coding book?
Can I print my ZHealth Publishing coding eBook?
When will the new editions of the ZHealth Publishing coding references be available?
Can I have my eBook(s) on multiple PCs?
How long does it take to download a ZHealth Publishing eBook?
Do I have to download anything to access the eBook?
I have a Mac and not a PC. Can I still download and use your eBooks?
What are the steps to purchase and activate one of your eBooks?
Why can I no longer access my old eBooks?

Live Seminars

Are the seminars for hospital billing or physician billing?
Will diagnosis (ICD-10) coding be discussed?
What resources should I bring?
There are two of us attending from our organization. Should we attend different sessions or attend the same sessions?
I attended the seminar last quarter. Is there anything new this quarter?
I work for a cardiologist's office. Will the cardiology session provide all the information I need?
Can I download the seminar handouts or get them in electronic media?
Can I bring an encoder?
I am not a coder. Is this seminar only for coders?
I may not know as much as some individuals in the class. Will I be called on in class?
My hospital will not pay for education courses that involve air travel and hotel stays. Do you provide a discount to people that have to pay for the course themselves?
I want to take the CIRCC exam. Is this seminar sufficient to prepare me for the exam?
Do the CEUs I receive from this course count toward CIRCC recertification?
I am hearing impaired. Is translation into sign language available?
There are no rooms available at the hotel where the seminar is being held. What should I do?
What meals are included?
I have to check out of my room before the end of the session. Can I bring my luggage to class with me?
I have special dietary requirements. Do the lunches provided accommodate different types of diets?
If I eat lunch on my own instead of with the class, can I get a refund of a portion of my fee?
I notice that you can cancel within four weeks of the seminar and receive a full refund. What if I am not able to make the seminar because of an emergency? Will I still get a refund?
How do I receive my CEUs?
I understand that I will receive my choice of Dr. Z's Medical Coding Series in eBook format. What if I want the hardcopy instead?
Do you cover ICD-10 at your seminars?
It is my understanding that one of the live seminars is videotaped each year to be sold as a video series. Is this correct? Which seminar is it?
I’ve heard you take photos and videos at the live seminars. Is that correct?


How do I access a webinar I've purchased?
How do I obtain my CEUs for a webinar I've completed?
Is there a limit to the number of people who can view the webinar and receive CEUs?
How many CEUs can I get for one of your webinars?
How do I purchase a ZHealth Publishing webinar?
Do I have to download any software to access the webinar recordings?

eLearning Courses

How can I get a better idea of what your online courses are like and what they include?
Do I need a ZHealth log-in to be able to access the eLearning coding courses?
What CEUs are available for eLearning courses?
How long do I have to take the eLearning course(s) once I purchase it? Can I purchase one now and take it later?
What if I get interrupted while I’m taking the coding course online or need to continue it later? Can I restart the course if I need to?
How many questions are there per eLearning course, and how long will it take to complete a coding course online?
What credentialing organizations can I earn CEUs for and how many CEUs do I receive per course?
Does ZHealth Publishing notify the credentialing body that I have been awarded CEUs?
Will I receive notification that I’ve successfully completed my eLearning coding course?
What is a passing grade for your eLearning courses?
If I don’t pass the test, will I still get the CEUs?
Can I retake a test if I don’t pass the first time?
Can I be awarded CEUs for the same module more than once?
Can I receive partial credit for an education module if I don’t pass?
When taking the test, can I refer back to the module to find the answer?
How can I access a record of my ZHealth Publishing eLearning courses?
What do ZHealth Publishing eLearning coding courses cost?
I purchased a module but don’t have access to it or can’t find it on the website. What should I do?
I took the test and passed, but my certificate failed to open. What should I do?
Are there other ways to earn CEUs other than your online courses?

Online Memberships

Who should join ZHealth Online?
What do I receive for my ZHealth Online membership?
What does a ZHealth Online membership cost?
If we sign up for a group option, when do we designate the names and email addresses for those individuals?
I am not comfortable using my credit card online. Is there another method I can use to make my payment?
If I sign up for the monthly option, how will I be charged?
Do I need to have a particular browser to view all the ZHealth Online content when I become a member?
Do you sell membership names to other organizations?
Will I need a new username and password if I convert to organizational membership from individual membership, or vice versa?
Do you answer all questions submitted by ZHealth Online members?


What is the advantage to earning the CIRCC Credential?
I have been coding interventional radiology cases for several years. What, if anything, should I study to take the CIRCC exam?
How difficult is it to maintain the CIRCC credential?
Where is the CIRCC exam offered?
What resources can I take with me when I take the CIRCC exam?
Will a ZHealth Publishing quarterly seminar prepare me for the CIRCC exam?
What do you recommend as study materials for the CIRCC exam?
What other CIRCC preparation materials or courses does ZHealth Publishing offer?