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February 2018 Q & A

Question: Single Lead Pacemaker Generator Change

1. Pacemaker generator change 2. Placement of a new lead in the right ventricle 3. Capping and abandonment of old lead. When the existing right ventricular lead has been capped and abandoned and new lead is advanced into the right ventricular apex using a combination of straight and custom-formed stylettes onto new pacemaker generator, (pulse generator was also changed), should this procedure be coded as 33212, 33216, 33233? Or 33227 with 33212 and 33216, and is fluoroscopy always included in a pacemaker procedure?

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November 2015 Q & A

Question: Upgrade from Dual Pacemaker to BiV AICD

The upgrade to a biV AICD from a dual pacer leads me to CPT codes 33230, 33233, and 33225. But this scenario is very confusing because the descriptor for 33230 says "with existing dual leads", so should I use 33231 because now with the addition of the LV lead that was implanted along with the BiV generator,  I have 3 total leads?


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Pacemaker NCD Implementation Delayed

Jul 7, 2014 5:58:33 PM

Implementation of the Pacemaker NCD has been delayed.

The new National Coverage Determination (NCD) for Single Chamber and Dual Chamber Cardiac Pacemakers has been delayed (it was supposed to go into effect today). The new implementation date has not been announced at this time.

Full Announcement from Novitas Solutions:

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