January 2018 Q & A

Question: Peripheral Angiography with a Cardiac Cath

Left heart catheterization is ordered for a patient with unstable angina. The Op report states that the patient also has a small ulcer on the foot, a history of atherectomy of the SFA, and reassuring ABI. Catheterization is performed via a right radial artery access. Subsequently, the catheter is moved down to right common femoral artery where runoff of the right leg with digital subtraction at 2 levels is performed. CFA is normal and arthrectomy site is patent. Would this be coded 93458, 36247, 75710?


Yes, you can code the diagnostic angiography of the leg at the same session as the cardiac catheterization when there is a clinical indication for the peripheral angiogram. From the radial approach, the catheter placement in the common femoral artery is 36246, imaging is 75710 and these will need -59 modifiers due to NCCI edits (these procedures are separate and distinct from the heart cath).