November 2017 Q & A

Question: Infrarenal AAA

My provider did infrarenal AAA, using US guidance, he accessed both femoral arteries. He deployed a Gore endovascular stent with careful attention not to encroach the left renal artery. Then, the Gore limb was placed into the right common iliac artery. An extender device was placed from the main body limb, just above the left hypogastric. My question: is it appropriate to code 34825 since he used another limb extension?


Currently yes, you can code for an extension (not a docking limb) ending in the common iliac artery. In 2018, all EVAR codes include extensions ending in the common iliac artery and you will NOT be able to code 34825 (but can if it extends into internal iliac or external iliac). This is similar to the FEVAR codes effective in 2017.